NameJens Heuschkel M.Sc.
PositionResearch Assistant
Phone+49 (6151) 16 - 23196
Fax+49 (6151) 16 - 23202
OfficeS2|02 A124


TU Darmstadt - FB 20
z.H. Jens Heuschkel
Hochschulstraße 10
D-64289 Darmstadt

Academic Education

2011: B.Sc. in Computer Science at FH Worms

2014: M.Sc. in Computer Science at TU Darmstadt

Since 2014: PhD student at the Telecooperation Lab (TU Darmstadt)


I am a member of sub-project B02 in the CRC 1053 (MAKI). The sub-project is about Multi-Mechanism-Adaptation of distributed systems with discrete optimization. I focus on distributing and synchronizing transition decisions and executing transitions on the devices. Therefore I search for interfaces to hide network related details from the developer to enable a faster and easier development of network applications. Also I search for mechanisms to manipulate network connections without touching the application that uses the connection. In combination with SDN I hope to find a solution which enables suitable network connections and better net utilization by using more knowledge from the network.


Additional Attributes


Introduction to RAW-sockets

Jens Heuschkel, Tobias Hofmann, Thorsten Hollstein, Joel Kuepper
May 2017

Beyond the Core: Enabling Software-defined Control at the Network Edge

Jens Heuschkel, Michael Stein, Lin Wang, Max Mühlhäuser
In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization for Flexible Network Management (SDNFlex), p. 1-6, March 2017

VirtualStack: Adaptive Multipath Support through Protocol Stack Virtualization

Jens Heuschkel, Alexander Frömmgen, Jon Crowcroft, Max Mühlhäuser
In: Eleventh International Network Conference (INC 2016), December 2016

VirtualStack: SDN-controlled Transparent Protocol Transitions at the Edge

Jens Heuschkel, Michael Stein, Max Mühlhäuser
In: Demonstrations of the IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), p. 1-3, November 2016

Multimodal Interaction with W3C Standards

Stefan Radomski, Jens Heuschkel, Andreas Schnelle-Walka, Max Mühlhäuser
p. 213--255, November 2016

Integrated Circuits for State-Chart XML

Jens Heuschkel, Stefan Radomski
In: 3rd Workshop on Engineering Interactive Systems with SCXML, p. 1-4, June 2016

Crowdsourcing Measurements of Mobile Network Performance and Mobility during a Large Scale Event

Jens Heuschkel, Alexander Frömmgen, Immanuel Schweizer, Patrick Eugster, Max Mühlhäuser, Alejandro Buchmann, Patrik Jahnke
In: Passive and Active Measurement. PAM 2016., p. 70-82, March 2016

Protocol Virtualization Through Dynamic Network Stacks

Jens Heuschkel, Immanuel Schweizer, Torsten Zimmermann, Klaus Wehrle, Max Mühlhäuser
In: Workshop on Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization for Flexible Network Management (SDNFlex 2015), March 2015
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