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Short Bio

Martin is a PhD student in the area Tangible Interaction at the Telecooperation Lab headed by Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser. He was a scholar funded by AGT Germany and received two master degrees in computer science (with a minor in psychology) and visual computing from TU Darmstadt in 2013. His master thesis dealt with personal in- and output on interactive surfaces to support fluid transitions between individual and group work. He is a member of Software Campus, a program of the German government which combines scientific research with hands-on management practice, where he led the project Printeract. Since the second half of 2017 he works on 3DIA, a research project funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Research Interests

  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Digital Fabrication / 3D Printing
  • Tangible User Interfaces
  • Interactive Surfaces

Research Projects

Off-Line Sensing
Off-line sensors are passive 3D-printed sensors that detect one-time interactions without requiring active electronics or power.
Flexibles are 3D-printed flexible tangibles that are deformation-aware and operate on capacitive touchscreens.
Liquido is a low-cost and easy-to-apply method to make your 3D printed objects tilt and motion sensitive by embedding liquids.
Capricate is a fabrication pipeline that enables users to easily design and 3D print customizable touch-sensitive objects.
Permulin is centred on the idea of providing both personal and shared in- and output for collaborating users.
EarPut is a novel interface concept, which instruments the ear as an interactive surface for touch-based gesture interactions.


Off-Line Sensing: Memorizing Interactions in Passive 3D-Printed Objects
Martin Schmitz, Martin Herbers, Niloofar Dezfuli, Sebastian Günther, Max Mühlhäuser
In: CHI '18, Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, ACM, April 2018. ISBN 978-1-4503-5620-6.
CHI 2018 Honorable Mention Award

Personalized User-Carried Single Button Interfaces as Shortcuts for Interacting with Smart Devices
Florian Müller, Martin Schmitz, Markus Funk, Sebastian Günther, Niloofar Dezfuli, Max Mühlhäuser
In: CHI'18 Extended Abstracts, Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Extended Abstracts (to appear), ACM, April 2018. ISBN 978-1-4503-5621-3.

CheckMate: Exploring a Tangible Augmented Reality Interface for Remote Interaction
Sebastian Günther, Florian Müller, Martin Schmitz, Jan Riemann,
Niloofar Dezfuli, Markus Funk, Max Mühlhäuser
In: CHI'18 Extended Abstracts, Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Extended Abstracts (to appear), ACM, April 2018. ISBN 978-1-4503-5621-3.

FlowPut: Environment-Aware Interactivity for Tangible 3D Objects
Jan Riemann, Martin Schmitz, Alexander Hendrich, Max Mühlhäuser
In: IMWUT, Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies, Vol. 2, No. 1 (to appear), ACM, March 2018.

Flexibles: Deformation-Aware 3D-Printed Tangibles for Capacitive Touchscreens
Martin Schmitz, Jürgen Steimle, Jochen Huber, Niloofar Dezfuli, Max Mühlhäuser
In: CHI '17, Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, p. 1001-1014, ACM, May 2017. ISBN 978-1-4503-4655-9.

BYO*: Utilizing 3D Printed Tangible Tools for Interaction on Interactive Surfaces
Sebastian Günther, Martin Schmitz, Florian Müller, Jan Riemann, Max Mühlhäuser
In: Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Interacting with Smart Objects (SmartObjects '17) in conjunction with IUI '17, p. 21-26, ACM, March 2017. ISBN 978-1-4503-4902-4.

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FreeTop: Finding Free Spots for Projective Augmentation
Jan Riemann, Mohammadreza Khalilbeigi, Martin Schmitz, Sebastian Döweling, Florian Müller, Max Mühlhäuser
In: ACM: CHI EA'16, Proceedings of the 34rd Annual ACM Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, p. 1598-1606, ACM, May 2016. ISBN 978-1-4503-4082-3.

Liquido: Embedding Liquids into 3D Printed Objects to Sense Tilting and Motion
Martin Schmitz, Andreas Leister, Niloofar Dezfuli, Jan Riemann, Florian Müller, Max Mühlhäuser
In: CHI EA'16, Proceedings of the 34rd Annual ACM Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, p. 2688-2696, ACM, May 2016. ISBN 978-1-4503-4082-3.

Exploring 3D Printed Interaction
Martin Schmitz
In: TEI '16, Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction, p. 705-708, ACM, February 2016. ISBN 978-1-4503-3582-9.

Capricate: A Fabrication Pipeline to Design and 3D Print Capacitive Touch Sensors for Interactive Objects
Martin Schmitz, Mohammadreza Khalilbeigi, Matthias Balwierz, Roman Lissermann, Max Mühlhäuser, Jürgen Steimle
In: UIST '15, Proceedings of the 28th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software & Technology, p. 253-258, ACM, November 2015. ISBN 978-1-4503-3779-3.

Palm-based Interaction with Head-Mounted Displays
Florian Müller, Martin Schmitz, Niloofar Dezfuli, Mohammadreza Khalilbeigi, Max Mühlhäuser
In: MobileHCI '15, Adjunct Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services, p. 963-965, ACM , August 2015. ISBN 978-1-4503-3653-6.

Permulin: Mixed-Focus Collaboration on Multi-View Tabletops
Roman Lissermann, Jochen Huber, Martin Schmitz, Jürgen Steimle, Max Mühlhäuser
In: CHI '14, Proceedings of the 32Nd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, p. 3191-3200, ACM, May 2014. ISBN 978-1-4503-2473-1.

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Co-advised Bachelor Theses

  • 08/2014 - 01/2015 Faris Abraha
  • 08/2014 - 01/2015 Mohit Makhija
  • 09/2014 - 02/2015 Alexander Hendrich, Daniel Kauth
  • 02/2015 - 10/2015 Andreas Leister
  • 12/2015 - 05/2016 Dennis Penzel
  • 06/2016 - 11/2016 Max Stachalski
  • 06/2016 - 12/2016 David Fischer
  • 07/2016 - 02/2017 Jens Krüger
  • 12/2016 - 06/2017 Martin Herbers

Co-advised Master Theses

  • 06/2014 - 01/2015 Matthias Balwierz

Co-advised Research Projects

  • WS2013 Andreas Leister, Fabian Hoitz, Oliver Eisenbarth, Sebastian Haufe
  • SS2014 David Steiner, Fabian Muscariello, Jens Krüger, Marko Rücker
  • SS2014 Andreas Leister
  • WS2014 Felix End, Max Maag, Philipp Konow, Raffael Link
  • WS2014 Alexander Blank, Friedrich Weber, Joel Koschier, Tobias Viernickel
  • SS2015 Floriment Klinaku, Max Stachalski
  • SS2015 Dean Grove, Min Yang
  • SS2015 Alexander Hendrich, Daniel Kauth
  • SS2015 Milad Arab, Mohammad Hosseinian
  • WS2015 Malte Limmeroth, Stefan Werner
  • WS2015 Benjamin Hättasch
  • WS2015 David Güsewell, Dimitar Dimitrov, Hans Becker
  • SS2016 Carsten Englert, Florian Fischer, Markus Grau
  • SS2016 Tobias Ochs
  • WS2016 David Güsewell, Dimitar Dimitrov, Emil Angelov
  • WS2016 Carsten Englert, Florian Fischer
  • WS2016 Alexander Kopp, Marvin Stiller, Johannes Wirth, Verena Sieburger
  • SS2017 Florian Krause, Jonas Briel, Martin Herbers
  • SS2017 Florian Horn
  • SS2017 Ilja Schwarz
  • SS2017 Alexander Geiß, Fabian Czappa, Robin Fromm-Smoydzin, Sarah Hainzl

Lectures & Teaching Assistant

  • SS2014 Human-Computer-Interaction
  • SS2015 Human-Computer-Interaction
  • WS2015 Advanced User Interfaces
  • SS2016 Human-Computer-Interaction
  • SS2016 Advanced User Interfaces
  • WS2016 Advanced User Interfaces
  • SS2017 Human-Computer-Interaction
  • SS2017 Advanced User Interfaces


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