Smart Security and Trust (SST)

ICT is ubiquitously available and thus inextricable from our daily life. Take the example of accessing digital services and applications through mobile devices to keep our lives seamless and inter-connected.  However, these benefits will only foster the adoption of ICT solutions, if the involved actors and services are trustworthy as expected by the stakeholders.


Traditional security primitives help stakeholders to achieve the fundamental security goals: confidentiality, integrity, and availability of ICT solutions. However, in a digital world, people can still be deceived by malicious actors and services underlying those solutions. Thus, trustworthiness assessment of actors and services in such settings does not only depend on the existence of provable security primitives. Rather dynamic behavior of services or actors, service characteristics and context should also be considered for reliable trustworthiness assessment of actors and services.


Our mission at SST is to develop novel computational trust models, robust prediction methods for trust assessment and solutions that are trust-aware as well as preserve privacy of user-owned information.  Ultimately, our solutions aim to ensure secure and reliable interaction among actors and services in ubiquitous digital environments.

Current Projects

Cryptography-Based Security Solutions:

Enabling Trust in New and Next Generation Computing Environments

(DFG SFB 1119)

Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users

(DFG GRK 2050)

Current Research Topics

  • Trust and Reputation models

  • Trust-enhanced security models
  • Trust and Fairness models
  • Communicating and visualizing trust
  • Privacy-friendly security models

Completed Projects

Softwareinnovationen für das Digitale Unternehmen

(Spitzencluster - BMBF)

Software Campus

MoVe4Dynamic & Dekomposed




Area Head Dr. Sheikh Mahbub Habib

Research Staff


Student Assistants

Dr.-Ing. Florian Volk

Nikolaos Alexopoulos

Dr. Sascha Hauke (Adjunct) 

Dr. Fábio Borges de Oliviera

Dr. Stefan Schiffner

Dr. Leonardo A. Martucci
Dr. Sebastian Ries  
Dr. Stefan G. Weber


Debashis C. Ray

Ousama Esbel



News SST


Telecooperation Lab is co-organizing the “Security & Privacy Week” 2016

The Technical University of Darmstadt is organizing the “Security & Privacy Week (SPW2016)”, July 18 – 22 2016 in Darmstadt, Germany. [more]

Category: Allgemeine News, Forschung


Full paper accepted at ISGT 2015

The paper on  "Efficient, Verifiable, Secure, and Privacy-Friendly Computations for the Smart Grid" by Fábio Borges, Florian Volk, and Max Mühlhäuser was accepted in the Sixth Conference on... [more]


Introducing Asymmetric DC-Nets

The short paper on "Introducing Asymmetric DC-Nets" by Fábio Borges, Johannes Buchmann, and Max Mühlhäuser was accepted in the IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS). The... [more]

Category: Allgemeine News


Making the Most of Customer Product Reviews accepted at CENTRIC 2014

The paper "Making the Most of Customer Product Reviews" by Florian Volk, Janette Pitzschel, and Max Mühlhäuser was accepted at the 7th International Conference on Advances in Human-oriented and Personalized Mechanisms,... [more]

Category: Allgemeine News


Modeling Degrees of Fairness for Collaborations accepted at NOPE 2014

The paper "Modeling Degrees of Fairness for Collaborations" by Florian Volk, Maria Pelevina, Sheikh Mahbub Habib, Sascha Hauke, and Max Mühlhäuser was accepted at the 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Network... [more]

Category: Allgemeine News


Journal Article Accepted

The paper on  "EPPP4SMS: Efficient Privacy-Preserving Protocol for Smart Metering Systems and Its Simulation Using Real-World Data" by Fábio Borges and Max Mühlhäuser was accepted to be published in IEEE... [more]

Category: Allgemeine News


Full paper accepted at IEEE CNS 2014

The paper on "iKUP Keeps Users' Privacy in the Smart Grid" by Fábio Borges and Leonardo A. Martucci was accepted in the IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS). The conference will take place... [more]

Category: Allgemeine News

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