Social IPTV

“P2P-based Social IPTV” project defines an advanced TV service efficiently integrating the legacy
IPTV service and Internet-based social network service including personal/group
broadcasting, game, advertisement, telemedicine, etc. This is a cooperation between
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), in Korea and Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUD) in Germany. We try to make reasonable efforts for the R&D project to develop Social TV technologies and services, especially focusing on Social P2P networking and Social TV user interface (UI) technologies which can be integrated with ETRI’s advanced IPTV infrastructure

Our focus is on development of social TV UI technologies such as:

  • Multi-modal UI supporting various device/location/environment
  • End-user development of Social TV Applications
  • Optimization to Social TV application development/distribution


Research Area

Talk & Touch


Dr. Dirk Schnelle-Walka
Niloo Dezfuli

Talk and Touch News


Article about Test Driven Development of Voice User Interfaces

The trend and innovation Blog Smarter Service published our article about Test Driven Development of Voice User Interfaces (German only). [more]


Accepted work at SigDial

Our submission on how the integration of Prolog as a datamodel in SCXML has been accepted at SigDial. Here, we extend our approaches regarding the W3C MMI architecture and made a huge step forward towards enbling the Information... [more]


Article about Unit Testing for Voice Based Application

Our article about approaches to enable test driven development concepts for voice-based applications has been published at OBJEKTspektrum. Here, we compare our proposed framework for VoiceXML unit testing with current... [more]


Accepted work at SiMPE 2013

Two papers have been accepted for the upcoming workshop on Speech in Mobile and Pervasive Environments (SiMPE) held in conjunction with mobileHCI. Spatial Audio with the W3C Architecture for Multimodal InterfacesVoice-based... [more]


Talks about (J)VoiceXMLUnit

In his Bachelor Thesis at the Talk&Touch group at the Telecooperation Lab Raphael Groner developed an initial framework to enable unit testing in VoiceXML. This approach paves the way for test driven development... [more]


Article about MMI

Our article at Springer's Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces about our experiences when implementing the W3C standard for Multimodal architectures and interfaces has been published as an Online First... [more]

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