Algorithmic Mechanism Design

Computer systems with decentralized control structures, such as the internet or peer-to-peer and grid computing, are of growing importance. Their key characteristics are not only those of computer systems, but also those of economic systems: A large number of actors, each pursuing their individual goals, must collaborate in an efficient manner to perform shared tasks, e.g. routing messages. The design of algorithms and protocols for these systems must therefore account for these diversified characteristics.

Algorithmic Mechanism Design (AMD) combines research on algorithms with the fields of game theory and micro economy. It provides a general framework allowing non-cooperative agents reaching efficient joint decisions. Moreover, AMD explores the algorithmic properties of these algorithms and protocols.

This project was carried out at the Algorithms and Data Structures group at the University of Freiburg (Prof. Dr. Thomas Ottmann).




Jürgen Steimle:
Algorithmic Mechanism Design
Eine Einführung
Reihe: Informatik im Fokus
2008, IX, 167 S. 28 Abb., Softcover
ISBN: 978-3-540-76401-4



    Two Full Papers Accepted at CHI 2018

    We will present two full papers at CHI 2018: Off-Line Sensing: Memorizing Interactions in Passive 3D-Printed ObjectsMartin Schmitz, Martin Herbers, Niloofar Dezfuli, Sebastian Günther, Max... [more]

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    Full Paper Accepted at CHI 2017

    We will present a full paper at CHI 2017: Flexibles: Deformation-Aware 3D-Printed Tangibles for Capacitive Touchscreens(Martin Schmitz, Jürgen Steimle, Jochen Huber, Niloofar Dezfuli & Max Mühlhäuser)  [more]

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    Hessian Minister for Science tested new version of TK's Smart Table, Permulin

    During a recent event at the Future Innovation Lab of TU Darmstadt's spin-off company Leap-In-Time by Prof. Ruth Stock-Homburg, the Hessian Minister for Science and Arts, Boris Rhein, was one of the first to have a closer look on... [more]

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    TK’s Smart Table featured in Commerzbank video about the future of work

    Commerzbank, Germany’s second largest bank, produced a vision film about the future of work and workplaces. It features three areas of TU Darmstadt‘s spin-off company Leap-in-Time headed by Prof. Ruth Stock-Homburg from the... [more]

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    Three Posters Accepted at CHI 2016

    TK is going to present three Late-Breaking-Work posters at this year's CHI conference in San Jose. The accepted posters are: FreeTop: Finding Free Spots for Projective AugmentationJan Riemann, Mohammadreza Khalilbeigi, Martin... [more]

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    Paper Accepted at UIST 2015

    We will present the following paper at UIST 2015: Capricate: A Fabrication Pipeline to Design and 3D Print Capacitive Touch Sensors for Interactive Objects(Martin Schmitz, Mohammadreza Khalilbeigi, Matthias Balwierz, Roman... [more]

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    TK Receives Surface Hub Award from Microsoft Research

    Microsoft Research recently developed a number of prototypes of a novel electronic whiteboard. A worldwide competition was launched where pertinent research groups could propose innovative research projects that would leverage... [more]

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