Ubiquitous Computing in Geschäftsprozessen

In this course, you will ...

  • learn how companies, public administration, and end-consumers can benefit from state-of-the-art ubiquitous computing technologies, incl. auto-id, smart labels, sensors, embedded devices, etc. attached to everyday objects and things.
  • understand underlying technologies, their advantages and limitations.
  • identify technologies' economic potential for business processes.
  • demonstrate how integration works between the real and the virtual world as it is modeled in software systems today.


This semester, the lecture will be held by Prof. Dr. Heuser from [ui!] - the urban institute.

Contact Florian Volk if you have any questions or inquiries regarding the lecture organization.



Time & Place

Fr. 28.10.2016     9:50 - 13:20      S103/175        undefinedslides part 1
Fr. 11.11.20169:50 - 13:20S103/175undefinedslides part 2 (updated), undefinedbonus system
Fr. 02.12.20169:50 - 13:20S103/175undefinedslides part 3
Fr. 16.12.20169:50 - 13:20S103/175undefinedslides part 4
Fr. 13.01.20179:50 - 13:20S103/175undefinedslides part 5
Fr. 03.02.20179:50 - 13:20S103/175undefinedslides part 6
Fr. 24.02.201711:30 - 13:30S202/C205written exam (approx. 60 minutes)
Fr. 31.03.201710:00 - 11:00S202/A126post-exam review




Changes to the schedule will be announced here. Please check back regularly.

Please be aware that the provided material (slides etc.) might not be sufficient to pass the exam.



Bonus Points

You can earn a bonus for your exam by participating in the course project. Further information will be given during the first lecture. Registration for the course project is needed until the second lecture.

As usual, you need to pass to exam to be eligible for the bonus, i.e., you cannot use the bonus to pass the exam. Maximum bonus is 1.0.

Organizational Information

A consolidated version of the organizational information presented in the first lecture, e.g., concerning exam registration, will be available for download shortly after the lecture.

Slidesets shown during the lecture will also be available for download from this web page.

Prerequisites for Participation

There are no formal requirements on previous lectures taken to participate on this lecture. However, basic knowledge of distributed systems and ubiquitous computing is favourable.

This lecture, which can be found in TuCAN as 20-00-0121-vl, has been previously known as

  • 18.0212.4 Auswirkungen des Ubiquitous Computing auf betriebsübergreifende Geschäftsprozesse (bzw. "Verteilte Multimedia-Systeme (Grundlagen)")
  • 20.0121.1 Ubiquitous Computing in Geschäftsprozesse

Course Cycle

usually every winter term

Course Language

German (slides in English).

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