Lin Wang

NameLin Wang, Ph.D.
PositionArea Head, Smart Urban Networks
Phone+49 (6151) 16 - 23194
Fax+49 (6151) 16 - 23202
OfficeS2|02 A109


Hochschulstraße 10
D-64289 Darmstadt


Short Bio

I am a Senior Researcher, head of the Smart Urban Networks research group in the Telecooperation Lab (TK) at TU Darmstadt. Before joining TK, I was a Research Associate at SnT Luxembourg. I obtained my Ph.D. in Computer Science with distinction from the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Science. During Sep 2012 - Jan 2014, I was a visiting researcher at IMDEA Networks Institute in Madrid, Spain, supervised by Prof. Antonio Fernandez Anta. I am a member of IEEE and ACM. My Erdös number is 3.

Research Interests

  • Mobile and edge computing
  • Data center networks
  • Software-defined networks
  • Green computing and networking

Selected Publications

(Full List)

  • [INFOCOM] Lin Wang, Lei Jiao, Ting He, Jun Li, Max Mühlhäuser, "Service Entity Placement for Social Virtual Reality Applications in Edge Computing", IEEE INFOCOM, accepted.
  • [ICDCS] Lin Wang, Lei Jiao, Jun Li, Max Mühlhäuser, "Online Resource Allocation for Arbitrary User Mobility in Distributed Edge Clouds", IEEE ICDCS, Atlanta, GA, Jun 2017.
  • [ALENEX@SODA] Michael Stein, Karsten Weihe, Augustin Wilberg, Roland Kluge, Julian M. Klomp, Mathias Schnee, Lin Wang, Max Mühlhäuser, "Distributed Graph-based Topology Adaptation using Motif Signatures", SIAM ALENEX@ACM SODA, Barcelona, Spain, Jan 2017.
  • [TPDS] Kai Zheng, Lin Wang, Baohua Yang, Yi Sun, Steve Uhlig, "LazyCtrl: A Scalable Hybrid Network Control Plane Design for Cloud Data Centers", IEEE Transactions on Parallel Distributed Systems (TPDS), vol. 28(1), pp. 115-127, 2017. 
  • [ICNPW] Lin Wang, Lei Jiao, Dzmitry Kliazovich, Pascal Bouvry, "Reconciling Task Assignment and Scheduling in Mobile Edge Clouds", IEEE ICNP Workshops, Singapore, Nov 2016. (Best Paper Award)
  • [JSAC] Biyu Zhou, Fa Zhang, Lin Wang, Chenying Hou, Antonio Fernández Anta, Youshi Wang, Jie Wu, Zhiyong Liu, "HDEER: A Distributed Routing Scheme for Energy-efficient Networking", IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC), vol. 34(5), pp. 1713-1727, 2016.
  • [ICDCS] Lin Wang, Kai Zheng, Baohua Yang, Yi Sun, Yue Zhang, Steve Uhlig, "LazyCtrl: Scalable Network Control for Cloud Data Centers", IEEE ICDCS, Columbus, OH, Jun 2015.
  • [ICDCS] Lin Wang, Fa Zhang, Kai Zheng, Shaolei Ren, Zhiyong Liu, "Energy-efficient Flow Scheduling and Routing with Hard Deadlines in Data Center Networks", IEEE ICDCS, Madrid, Spain, Jun 2014.
  • [JSAC] Lin Wang, Fa Zhang, Jordi Arjona Aroca, Kai Zheng, Chenying Hou, Dan Li, Zhiyong Liu, "GreenDCN: A General Framework for Achieving Network Energy Efficiency in Data Centers", IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC), vol. 32(1), pp. 4-15, 2014.

Professional Services

Editorial Board

Organizer or TPC

  • 2018: IEEE ICCCN, IEEE ICC, IEEE/IFIP NOMS, HotPOST@INFOCOM, KuVS Fachgespräch Fog Computing
  • 2017: IEEE/ACM DS-RT, HotPOST@ICDCS, ACM IMC (Shadow)
  • 2016: CloudCom Ph.D. Consortium (TPC Chair)

Journal Reviewer

  • IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC)
  • IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS)
  • IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC)
  • Elversier Future Generation Computer Systems (FGCS)
  • Elversier Performance Evaluation (PEVA)
  • Oxford The Computer Journal

Conference External Reviewer



(For more information, please visit my homepage.)

Master Thesis

[Open] A Packet Level Simulation Environment for Edge Computing

This master thesis aims to design and develop a packet level simulator for edge computing based on existing network simulators such as NS3 or OMNeT++. Tentative tasks include (1) creating edge computing scenarios in network simulators, (2) tailoring cloud simulators for mobile devices, the edge, and the distant cloud, and (3) bridging the network simulator and the cloud simulator for a complete edge computing simulator. This thesis requires to perform many empirical tasks and thus, hands-on experience on network simulations can be gained.

Supervisor: Lin Wang

[Ongoing] Dynamic Configuration of IoT Environments

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at rapid speed. In the near future, the Internet of connected “things” will largely outnumber the humans who are currently using the Web. Industry estimates show that 30-50 Billion things will be connected to the Internet by 20201. For companies such as Siemens, the IoT concept plays a tremendous role for their ongoing evolution towards full digitalization, since possible applications range from smarter cities and eHealth systems, to Industry 4.0. Another example of such a business application for IoT are building automation systems, which will transform into IoT environments, where the various components of a building infrastructure (e.g., lights, switches, shutters, AC, controllers, etc.) will be IoT-enabled. Hence, in this thesis, building automation systems will be taken as a use case example.

Supervisor: Lin Wang (joint with Siemens AG)

[Finished] Benchmarking System for Cloud-based, Distributed Learning Applications

The thesis will focus on design and implementation of a benchmarking platform for cloud-based machine learning applications.The benchmarking will be done by the platform in a systematic and automated way. The benchmarking system will be based on the HOBBIT benchmarking platform which is currently being developed as a part of HOBBIT EU project. The purpose of the project is to provide open benchmarking reports which can help EU industry to adopt Big Linked Data solutions . The contribution will extend HOBBIT to benchmark cloud-based application which is not the case at the moment.

Supervisor: Lin Wang (joint with AGT International)

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