Seminar Telekooperation

The TK Seminar is cycle of seminar where students are given the chance to read and analyze current scientific publications. In this term, the theme of the TK Seminar is Security, Privacy, and Trust.

The goals of the TK seminar are threefold:

  1. to introduce students to a research area
  2. to critically read and analyze scientific papers, and
  3. to present the evaluation of such papers in both written and spoken forms. 

The TK Seminar is targeted for computer science students (or related areas, such as electrical engineering) that are working towards their Diploma, Master's or Bachelor's Degrees. 


Course Description

In the TK seminar, the students are expected to report on current research topics and present their own conclusions. Course participants will select one topic of interest and write a short report (4-5 pages) about as a scientific paper. Furthermore, course participants will learn how to review scientific reports, and will test their skills by evaluating the reports from their colleagues. In addition, they will present their work to their colleagues and instructors. Apart from the presentation, there will also be an open discussion about the topic and the presentation.

The goal of this course is not only to introduce the student to a new research topic, but also to prepare the students for giving scientific talks and address an audience. An introduction to the academic work on how to write, publish, and present your finding will be given in the beginning of the course.

Important Dates

Introduction and presentation of topics


April 23 (Tuesday), 16:15, room A126 (S2|02)

Topic selection

April 28

First version for the reviewJune 23
Deliverable of the review

June 30

First version of the presentationJuly 09
Deliverable of the final reportJuly 14 July 28
Presentation of the workJuly 16 July 30 - 13:00, room 4.3.01 (CASED building)

Course Material

The course material, i.e., scientific papers or links to those scientific papers will be provided by your advisors.

You may download a PDF slide set including the introductory slides, the available topics, and the "Working with Scientific Material" tutorial. For your convenience, the PDF comes equipped with bookmarks.

The report to be delivered by the end of the course will be prepared using IEEE standard templates (IEEEtran), which is available on the IEEE Author page (for Latex and Word processors). The final report is expected to be a 4-5 page paper (at most!).

Evaluation Aspects

The aspects that will be evaluated are:

  • delivered report 
  • peer review 
  • presentation (15 minutes + discussion)


This summer, the TK seminar is organized by Florian Volk. Co-organizers are the members of the Smart Security and Trust group.

The course details are:
 S3 420-00-0130-se


All prospective students are welcome to join the Introduction lecture (Tuesday, April 23, 2013, room S2|02/A126). Enroll using the TUCaN system. 

Enrollment can be done before the introduction lecture.

Course Cycle

irregular, usually every semester

Course Language

The course language is English. The delivered report, the review, and the presentation are expected to be in English language.

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