New publication record: TK gets four papers accepted at the LCN 2015 conference

LCN 2015 is the 40th IEEE International Conference on Local Computer Networks, to be held in Clearwater Beach, Florida, October 26-29, 2015. This conference is among the highest ranked computer networks conferences worldwide. We managed to get all four submitted papers accepted this year, which is a record success.

For readers interested in more details, we list the four paper titles, formats (one long and three short papers), and authors hereafter:

“C-SDF: Practical Solar-aware Distributed Flow Control” (full, Schweizer / Petry / Mühlhäuser); “VirtualStack: A Framework for Protocol Stack Virtualization at the Edge” (short, Heuschkel / Schweizer / Mühlhäuser); “a-kTC: Integrating Topology Control into the Stack” (short, Schweizer / Zimmermann / Stein / Mühlhäuser); “Topology Control with Application Constraints” (short, Stein / Kulcsár / Schweizer / Varró / Schürr / Mühlhäuser).

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