Workshop and Festive Colloquium in Honor of Professor Max Mühlhäuser

Visiting the new TK labs

World Café on a Telecooperation 6.0 topic

Brainstorming together

Welcome speech by mayor Jochen Partsch

Invited talk by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Steimle, University of Saarbrücken

Social part

As Prof. Max Mühlhäuser turned 60 this year, there was a festive colloqium in honor of his birthday on June 30th which was seen as outstanding success by his more over 150 guests.

At 13:00 pm, the first attendants of the workshop gathered together at the "Altes Hauptgebäude" to visit the new TK lab followed by several demonstrations in which researchers presented their current projects at TK. Then, a multi-group brainstorming workshop was conducted on a scenario coined as Telecooperation 6.0, following the so-called 'World Cafe' technique. Afterwards, the attendants than had to switch the location to the "Maschinenhaus" to join the festive colloqium.

As even the last guests arrived, the champagne reception was followed by an opening note from Prof. Sascha Hauke who also took the audience through the evening. Subsequent to welcoming addresses by mayor Jochen Partsch, Vice President Prof. Ralph Bruder and Vice Dean Prof. Stefan Katzenbeisser, there was an appaisal speech held by Prof. Lutz Heuser.

After a musical Intermezzo by JazzTime, the band who accompanied the evening musically, several TK alumni gave talks about TK related research and teaching topics, but also personal matters like career growth and travel only interrupted by laughter and applause.

Afterwards Prof. Mühlhäuser gave a short Wrap-Up, there was a dinner buffet served and the gifts were presented.

The rest of the evening could be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere whilst the band still payed background music so that the event only remains positive in memory of all of the more than 150 guests.



Photos: Marc Bartolo





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